China Cheap price Bap Face Mill Tool Milling Cutter - Carbide 4F Corner Radius End Mill – Millcraft



  Adopting high quality carbide with TECH Coating.


  corner radius design is applicable for general purpose applications and profiling.


  unequalled indexing design helps to reduce the cutting force while machining.


  high cutting quality and faster machining speed can be achieved and applicable for different cutting applications




We can provide custom tools as per customers’need.from coating,flute,Helix angle,to cutting length,total length.


Heavy duty operation end mills-Unequalled Indexing,Asymmetric helix angle.


Anti-Vibration,Providing smooth and steady chip evaluation.


Ideal for heavy duty cutting operation and different hard metal.


Employ 1 degree flute shape to enable high efficiency machining of high hardness materials,applicable for roughing.




  aerospace industry,


  vehicle manufacturing, 


  mold manufacturing, 


  ship- like manufacturing,


  weapons manufacturing, 


  metallurgical equipment manufacturing,


  electronics manufacturing industry,


  machinery & equipment manufacturing


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